Holy Rood Church

holyroodHoly Rood, the larger of the two churches in the parish, is located next to Stubbington village centre and has the parish centre attached to it. The majority of services and other meetings take place at Holy Rood.

There are a number of congregations of all ages who meet at Holy Rood Church both on Sundays and midweek. Refreshments are served at all Sunday services.

The 9:30 am Family Worship is the largest service in the parish. This informal service is suitable for people of any age. The sung worship consists of modern songs and hymns. These are led by a music group normally consisting of singers, guitars, piano and drums. The service also includes Bible readings, a talk and prayers and possibly a talk or activity suitable for children.

Holy Communion is celebrated on the first Sunday of the month. At Holy Communion one of the recent orders of services will be used, these contain a number of prayers and responses that the congregation join in with.

On all but the first Sunday of the month there is an informal Prayer and Praise service at 6:30 pm with modern worship led by a music group.  Holy Communion is celebrated on the third Sunday of the month. This is a smaller congregation than the 9:30 am service and this allows more informality, the chance for people to share how God has influenced their lives and to pray both about difficulties people are facing and to give thanks for the good things that have happened.

The 11:10 am Holy Communion service, which is held on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month, is more formal with worship accompanied by the organ.  The prayers and responses used in this service are taken from Common Worship.

On Thursday mornings at 10:30 am there is small Holy Communion service. This follows the order of service from Common Worship and includes a sermon. On the third Thursday of the month the Mothers’ Union group attends the service and there are refreshments afterwards.

Holy Rood Church
Gosport Road
PO14 2AS

Visit: http://croftonparish.org.uk/holy-rood-church/